Jackson Kayaks Design Team:

David KnightLead Designer: Naval Architect, Kayak designer since 1993.

Eric ‘EJ’ JacksonCo-Designer/president– Student of engineering (drop out before senior year to kayak)- boat designer since 1993 with David.

Tony LeeR+D manager/designer for Rec/Touring boats – artist, boat designer/R+D manager for 15+ years.

Whitewater Kayaks
David Knight and Eric Jackson create the parameters for the new boats, based on a design brief by Eric. The design is done on David’s computer by him with reviews by Eric and the team. Once we are 100% confident that the design is spot on, it goes to the plug maker who CNC machines out the pattern (male mold that looks like the boat) and then that is finished and sent to the Foundry where the cast aluminum mold is made.

Rec/Touring Boats
we have done both Cad design with David Knight, as well as completely hand done designs, like the “Riviera” and the upcoming “Regal” which was done by Tony Lee with hours, days, weeks spent in his R+D room at the factory.

To date the EJ/Knight design team has put over 65 designs into production starting in 1993.

Tony Lee has overseen the design and production of hundreds of boats over the years.

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  1. Todd Jones
    December 13, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Do you make bins to drop in the hatches on the Big Rig? With the open hull you cannot easily access anything put in the hatches.

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