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Event or Fundraising Sponsor Application – North America

Background: Family owned and operated Jackson Kayak was founded by Olympian and World Champion freestyle kayaker Eric Jackson and reflects EJ’s lifelong passion for the sport. Products designed by and for pros are the same products all our consumers can purchase. Jackson Kayak’s event sponsorship program was founded to support festivals and events that are family-friendly and support the growth and enjoyment of paddlesports.

Criteria: Our sponsorship committee evaluates applications based on many criteria, including:

  • How is the event family-friendly
  • How does the event support the growth of paddlesports
  • Event organizer’s relationship with nearest Jackson Kayak dealer
  • Size and reach of the event
  • Media and publicity
  • Opportunities for the public to directly engager with Jackson Kayak products and representatives
  • Environmental and social responsibility

Deadlines: Fill in this application and send any supporting materials to kjackson@jacksonkayak.com.   Materials must be received by Jan. 31, 2014 to be considered for sponsorship in 2014.

Requirements: If your event is awarded sponsorship, you will be expected to carry out the event as outlined in this application. We will also ask you to provide photography and video usage rights to Jackson Kayak for a period of two years.

Returning events MUST fill in all fields as required.

Event & Fundraiser's Grant Application - 2014

Please answer all of these questions as concisely as possible. In addition, it is helpful if you provide links to any maps or literature that may help us evaluate your project. NOTE: For returning applicants, please fill in the appropriate, mandatory fields.
  • 50 words or less
  • (boat donation, swag, and/or funding)
  • Give a detailed description on how you intend to promote and advertise your event
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, URLs etc.
  • Please attach any additional information you think might help us evaluate your project or organization such as your sponsorship sell sheet etc...

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