Jane Bouldin

Name: Jane Bouldin

Position: Purchaser

Gear She Likes: Flip-flops

Favorite Quote: “There were no less than a hundred thousand people there and every one of them was my friend.”
-Anonymous Bonnaroo’er 2007

Jane was born and rasied locally, a mother of three (son Jase works at JK as well), grandmother of two adorable grandsons. At the age of four, she could swim the river across and back at Rock Island’s sandbar. Her fondist childhood memories were of camping ‘old school’ style before Rock Island became a state park. Like taking sling blade bars to clear a camping spot, cut lumber and a sack of nails to build a picnis table, and a huge block of ice in a wooden crate full of sawdust to help it keep for a two week stay. It would take three to four boat trips to get the family and all the equipment to the camp site. ANd no doubt, waking up to bacon frying, skillet toast, and the river just yards away was absolutely the best there could have been.

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