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Jackson Kayak is proud to offer a wide range of Accessories- to check out our full store for all your JK needs- Click here: STORE

    33 Responses to Accessories

    1. evan howard says:

      i would like to get a boat bag for a rockstar large…do you make one yet? or have one that would fit it? also a villian??? maybe

      • Stephen Wright says:

        I think we’ll be importing and JK logoing some boat bags that’ll fit a rockstar Large from Galasport very soon. We probably don’t have anything that’ll fit a Villain. You might need to go to a seamstress to get something custom made…good luck!

    2. evan howard says:

      paddle bags???

      • Stephen Wright says:

        We don’t make paddle bags yet, but there are some very good options available from NRS and Salamander. I’ve used the NRS paddle bag for years and it’s bomber. I can usually squeeze 4 paddles and almost all my kayaking gear (sans PFD and Helmet) into it for flights!
        Stephen Wright

    3. Brian Burns says:

      Do you guys make accessories for the Jackson big rig, I got one in jan and would like to order cup holders, cell phone holder, ect.

      BRian BUrns

    4. Big Tom says:

      I just got the Big Rig and it’s not quite stable enough for all 6’5 340 lbs of me ! ! ! Do you have or can recommend outrigger system for me ?

    5. stewart says:

      I just recently bout a jackson star and it did not come with a seat. Could you possibly sell me just the seat assembly?


      • Stephen Wright says:

        Just give customer service a call and ask. I’m sure that they could work something out. Or you may be able to track down a broken boat somewhere else that has one.

    6. Craig says:

      Are there pontoons I can get for the big rig. I’m a big guy and would prefer the added stability.

    7. Ted Kinsella says:


      Need 3 plastic hooks and bolt and nut to fasten rods to side of 2 Journey Kayaks and sit-on Old Town.
      Is that something you could send me.
      236 Maybrook Lane St Louis, MO 63122

      Simon at Alpine Shop said to try hardware store – they were out.
      I’d like not to basterdize my boats. So need correct hooks. Will fasten stretch cord side of boat.
      Also, need larger hooks(3ea) and fasteners attached 3’up to rest rod on.

    8. scott nordmoe says:

      Will the Happy Seat/Thruster Combo fit the Daytripper?

      • Clay Wright says:

        Hey Scott –

        It will fit into the boat but I’m not sure why you would want the thruster as it’s not that helpful unless it’s holding something up. The seat part is sold separately. There is not where to connect the velcro but you could always tie it under the bar or drimmel a groove through the seat to connect too maybe?

        Hit me back for what you need out of this product. Clay

    9. Debbie says:

      What carts work best for the cuda? It is a bear to move.

    10. Debbie says:

      What cart/wheels are best for moving the cuda?

      • Stephen Wright says:

        I think so! But your best bet would be to call or email Jackson Kayak customer service to ask if you could special order that color.

    11. William Palmer says:

      Will the Realtree blind and decoy bag be available for use on a regular Kilroy? Any idea when and cost?

      • Brooks Beatty says:

        Yes the Kilroy blind and decoy bag will be available accessories and in the JK store before the end of the year, after production quantities have been established. Still working on cost.

    12. lowery says:

      The only thing i didn’t like about the big rig was the seat !!! The back bar of the seat top dug into my upper back, is their other seats available ??

      • Emily Jackson says:

        we have our new seats being made as we speak. The Seat 2.0 and 3.0 will be available soon! BE sure to contact the accessory department and they will get you worked out

    13. Mario Letelier says:

      August, 27th, 2014
      I am thinking in buying a Rogue 10, and I would like to know the length and width of the cockpit so I can order a sprayskirt.

      • Stephen Wright says:

        I’d email or call customer service to ask that out. Neither Clay or I have one with us, so we can’t measure for you. Customer service should have the answer to that one, no problem.

    14. ray art says:

      purchased your big rig. love it. Would like to now put the electric trolling motor on it . What do you recommend. saw adds on kayaktrollingmotor.com and bassyaks what other recommendation do you have and why.

      • Emily Jackson says:

        We don’t have anything we use as we mainly just paddle our kayaks. But i have heard bass yaks is good!
        Emily Jackson

    15. Derek S. says:

      When will more information about the new small Jackson cooler be available? size, release date, etc

      • Clay Wright says:


        Thank you for your interest in our new JK Kayak Cooler! We should have the JK Kayak Cooler out by the middle of this November. If you have any questions please let us know.


        Matt Cunningham (via Clay Wright)

    16. Kayak World Products says:

      Do you have any recommended kayak rack carriers?

      • Clay Wright says:

        There are great models by Thule and Yakima but if you have factory luggage racks it’s hard to beat 2/4’s strapped on to these with cam straps with some thin foam glued to the top. The wider boards and foam ‘grip’ the boats better than slick bars so it’s easier to load up on an angle or hill and you can tie the boats a bit looser given the greater surface area in contact. Hope this helps! Clay

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