Jesse Coombs and Ben Stookesberry kick of their World Premier of Hotel Charlier: River of Doubt in Shasta, CA!

April 11, 2007

This note and the photos come from Jesse…

What a great first show! We just finished showing the World Premier of Hotel Charley: River of Doubt at Shasta Basecamp in Shasta, CA. Thanks Styles! The Jackson Kayak Factory had a private screening for the factory party at the new Jackson house, and this was our first opportunity to present the film to the public. The turn out was great and the local paddling community showed in strong numbers. Everyone really enjoyed the opening presentation when Ben gave 10 minutes of geography and story setting for the film. This gave the audience a much better understanding of the destinations, their location in the world and their place in the film. Then it was time for the main event and we put on the film. So many times the audience winced, cheered and yelled as they reacted to the twists and turns and difficulties and excitements of the film. After the film Shasta Basecamp had a fun raffle and we all gave a big round of applause for a great local paddle shop that is supporting the boating community. We invited everyone to sit in and try the Jackson kayaks, and there was immediately a line up of people getting in and trying the Rocker, Fun and Allstar. There were lots of great questions and comments and they were all really excited to talk about what they liked best and what boat they would like for themselves. Pretty cool! I offered that I was going to be paddling the next day and would be happy to let people try the boats. It was great to see how much excitement there was about the film and the boats. Michael Irwin of Osprey Outdoors Kayak School joined me the next day and tried the new FUN. He immediately began talking about how comfortable it was and playful yet stable. He asked me what size would be best for his daughter and we had a great time talking about teaching techniques and paddling around together. He is excited to get Jackson Kayaks in his school. This was a great World Premier and a great way to start the tour. We are off to the Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland (Mmmmm!) and what is always a great show.


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Jesse helps Styles of Shasta Basecamp outfit the Allstar into his perfect fit

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Ben presents the geography of the film

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Ben and the local Shasta boys discuss the best approach pattern for running the big drops in the Rocker

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Michael of Osprey Outdoors Kayak School gets comfy in the new FUN

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