Teva Mountain Games Freestyle Showdown Kicks Off! Preliminary Results:

Teva Mountain games is kicking off in style. With the Steep Creek Yesterday and now the Pro Freestyle, there is no shortage of kayaking action.

I had an amazing day cheering on all the competitors, walking around the town, watching the Premier of Ben Stookesberry’s film Kadoma as well as Rush Sturges’s film Frontier. Both epic kayaking action. Ben’s showcasing the never ending life of Hendri Coetzee.

As far as the comp goes, the water levels were changing throughout the whole day but that didnt stop heat after heat of athletes from throwing huge loops and some classy hard tricks!

I was lucky enough to be in the first heat of the day and was very consistent with two rides of 520 points. I would have been 10th in the men, making it into the second heat. My husband did beat my by 10 points so that was unfortunate but i will get him next time!

Dad showed the most hard tricks, while Stephen showed the most amplitude. Dane did not stay in the feature quite often so that will have to change if he wants to kick even more butt in the next round.

Nick and Dustin paddled well as usual and the Wavesport crew through some sweet tricky woo’s.

Jud Kesier paddled with a broken thumb and Billy Bob and Scott Sady showed everyone the proper air loop.

Big props to the kids competing here- Henry and Sage! They are like Ten and both have a mean front flip!

Rudy- I know your gunning for me tomorrow! So lets get it on! Happy Paddling to All and here are the Preliminary Results:

Photos coming soon!

Pro Mens Prelims Results

1. Stephen Wright 1680

2. Eric Jackson 1540

3. Bryan Kirk 1500

4. James Bebbington 1340

5. Dane Jackson 1265

6. Dustin Urban 1220

7. Greg Parker 1170

8. Casper Kalmthout 1100

9. Nick Troutman 1050

10. Mathieu Dumoulin 1030

11. Michael Tavares 840

12. Jakub Numec 750

13. Scott Sady 640

14. Mike Patterson 600

15. Rush Sturges 590

Not moving on but great rides:

16. Jonny Meyers 580

17. Karl Moser 460

18. Billy Malesky 430

19. Dave Fusilli 390

20. Jud Kesier 380

21. Quinton Barnett 360

22. Craig Kleckner 300

23. JP Griffith 270

24. Josh Oberlas 260

25. Stephen Forester 210

26. Michael Ramazza 200

27. Kerry Porche 190

28. Michael Dawson 175

29. Romain Dumoulin  140

30. Ben Nelsen 110

31. Pete Dolosa 90

32. Henry Hyde 20

33. Jesse Coombs 0

34. Lance Heirman 0

Pro Ladies Prelims Results:
1. Emily Jackson 1040
2. Ruth Ebens 575
3. Tanya Faux 360
4. Haley Miles 300
5. Nikki Kelly 300
6. Adriene Levknecht 290
7. Elaine Cambell 230
8. Lauren Burress 230

Not moving on:
9. Martina Wegman 220
10. Eva Fillova 190
11. Hannah Kertesz 160
12. Nicole Mansfield 160
13. Katie Urban 130
14. Anne Hubner 110
15. Sage Donnelly 30

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