Paddling in Plattling- Oh Boy Oh Boy- Think I can Win Three World Championships?

Paddling in Plattling Germany:

Paddling in Plattling has been an absolute blast so far! Whether its been a line of ten people or a line of two, the people are super fun to be around, the hole has a lot to offer and the weather has been pristine.

I am focusing on mainly being relaxed throughout this whole event has I know if I paddle at my best I have all the moves needed to win. The question is, with everyone else paddling their best too, do I have enough moves.

Right now I feel really good about my routine and paddling as I can move pretty fast, and I have a lot of smaller moves in case my bigger moves fail in a ride.

The feature is super dynamic in the sense that you can do all the whole moves (and I mean ALL of them) as well as the wave moves- back blunts, clean blunts, airscrews. The ones requiring air are harder to do as popping off the water can be tricky. I haven’t seen any ladies doing the wave moves; which surprises me as I feel it’s a great set up for other moves as well.

If I had to say who the top women rides were right now, I would say:

Hopefully Me!, Ruth Gordon, Claire O’hare, Emily Wall, Nina, Katya, Jessie Stone, Mariann Saether, Haley Mills and a close call between the Japanese girls, Polly Green and I havent seen her paddle yet but she always loops huge: Martina Wegman.

All these ladies could kick some serious butt so we will have to see what happens!!

Many people are paddling Carbon boats and since I am pretty competitive in the field, a lot of people are shocked to see me in plastic.

Honestly I am very happy in my plastic, when training I can plug the heck out of my loops and spaces and not be thinking, I hope I don’t break my boat.  But many people have past that stage and they are doing great in their carbon boats and make them look amazing.

I have to say looking at the carbon rockstar s does spike envy in me.

But plastic it is and HUGE thanks to the people at the factory molding in some amazing stars on my kayak! There is no question which country I am from now!

Dane is paddling 4 classes so he is in the water  non stop! Super fun to watch, i honestly think he is skilled enough to win every single one, now the question is, can he keep the energy level up to excel! At 17 I think he can!

Dad and Nick are paddling really well also… Super fun to watch and I love learning from them!

Weather is chillier and wetter today! Maybe the line will be short because of it!

Happy paddling to all and thanks for everyone’s support!

Here is the official link to the event (looks a little disorganized but should have some good info on it!)


Comments on “Paddling in Plattling- Oh Boy Oh Boy- Think I can Win Three World Championships?”

  1. Andrew Kuhlberg
    June 16, 2011 at 1:39 am

    Yes, I think you can!

  2. Lorraine Valet
    June 16, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Of course you can.

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