Rockstar Rocks Worlds!

Hey Everyone!

The 2011 World Championships has come to a wrap and seven new world champions are crowned! Hundreds of people paddled incredibly well and I hope you enjoyed my hosting skills in the ICF recaps throughout the event.

As far as general coverage I apologize that we weren’t more consistent but as a competitor and spectator, the event was quite disorganized as far as knowing what was going on when. This was due to a huge concern in water levels and an effort to get all the rounds as close to done before the feature flooded out.

For me one exciting aspect was the amount of Rockstars on the water! I absolutely loved mine and some of the exciting benefits of paddling the kayak were quite obvious to everyone.

The water levels changed dramatically over the course of the 2 weeks we were there, it would go from high water to low water hourly and the boat paddled fantastic in all conditions.

When the water level was low having a shorter boat with enough volume to still get pop was crucial. Bouncing off the rock was common, so the short boat was able to hit the rock and still shoot up for air loops and space godzillas. Not to mention the amount of air underneath the kayak was impressive! Huge bonuses weren’t uncommon for our JK athletes!

When the water came up the wave moves came back into play… such as back pan ams and blunts. The forward speed and quicker edges on the kayak made them easy to throw.

My theory on tricks is that you have to re learn them at every feature you go to. Having a boat that is user friendly truly helps me go from competition to competition because I never have to focus on what the boat is necessarily doing but put my energy into my own technique. User friendliness is something common in all of our kayaks so why not have it in our high performance playboat as well!

Last but not least the boats came in all sorts of fantastic colors! The molders have really learnt their stuff and now the country colors were even more creative, with Canadian leaves, stars and irish clovers, it was no question as to where people came from!

Thanks to David Knight and Dad for creating another huge hit! I truly appreciated every bit of the boat while competing at the Worlds and I think the rest of the athletes did as well!

The Rockstar took home the most medals out of any kayak and they were truly phenomenal to watch on the water!

Happy Paddling to all- now off to Kellys Whitewater Park for the First Time!  Wish me luck!

Emily Jackson


Comments on “Rockstar Rocks Worlds!”

  1. Tony D
    July 1, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    They were also great to watch onthe streaming video. What a show. However I was a little sleep deprived by the time it was all said and done.
    Congratulations to all the paddlers, they were all winners.

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