Kelly’s Whitewater Park: Emily’s Feature of Year Award Winner!

Destination: Kelly’s Whitewater Park!

This is my first time here and all I can say is OMG OMG OMG!!!! I know that is a bit 16yr old but seriously, you have no excited I get before every session. The feature here rocks, the facilities are the nicest I have ever seen, the water is warm, the view is spectacular, the staff is super helpful, the landscaping- gorgeous, I could keep going!

Let’s start with the features, yes I know I am UBER lame for not having photos right now but we used up all the battery taking family photos on the lake. So, I will have photos throughout the event but not yet.

Feature #1

Its my absolute favorite, it is a big hole on the surfers left with a beautiful glassy surfers left shoulder. The first time I surfed it I could flash back right away due to the smoothness of this feature. Loops, Airscrews, Clean Blunts, Pan Ams, Flashbacks, Back Pan Ams, Cartwheels, Helixes, McNasties, you name it, everything goes and goes big.

The first time I surfed it I freaked out because the water was so clear I was watching big fish swim upstream below me. Super cool!

Feature #2

This feature is way smaller, slower and super easy. Moves can be hard in it because the water coming in is very slow, so you need to be quick. You can front surf all day on it and people are looping, cartwheeling and throwing space godzillas.

Feature #3- Under the Bridge

Another great feature, still smaller than #1 (#1 is pretty big!) and everyone is working on their hole moves there. McNasties and Loops are super fun and lots of the ladies have been working their felixes there as well.

Apparently it is high water right now and as the water drops, #1 gets stickier and less people surf it as the glassy wave tends to go away. But the next two features get more retentive, a little faster and way better.

The facilities are nice enough that if I had to get married on a river, I would get married inside the facility! Huge windows facing the river, river wood benches and beautiful art work, all make the facility one I won’t forget.  Not to mention I haven’t been inside it once where there wasn’t someone cleaning it, from the benches to floors to windows, it all sparkles.  (to give you an idea- marble bathrooms!)

This place wins feature of the year award in my head for sure. It is so much fun to paddle and so relaxing to be around. I am having an absolute blast and I can’t miss this on for next year!

Big thanks to all the staff, the founder and everyone that is making this event happen. As well as the facility happen!

Wish Team JK the best of luck at the final event for the point series- crowing our national champion. Its also the first KWP Pro Event! Exciting Times!

Happy Paddling to all and I hope to see you on the river!

Emily Jackson

Comments on “Kelly’s Whitewater Park: Emily’s Feature of Year Award Winner!”

  1. Tony D
    July 8, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    I totally agree with you Emily. I love going there, it is so all there.

  2. November 4, 2011 at 12:28 pm

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