National Championships Day 1 Results at Kelly’s Whitewater Park:

Today was day one of the Kelly’s Whitewater Park 2011 National Championships. The event couldn’t be going smoother with amazing vendors that have espresso, baked goods, to pizza, BBQ, you’re never hungry and never satisfied as you want to try something else! They also have a great beer tent with local ipa’s and smoothies galore!

The weather is awesome and hot! Need hats, glasses and sun block because there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The water is the perfect quenching for a day like today and almost everyone got a chance to dive right in.

The day started with the Cadet Class and then the JR Women. We saw both classes throw down. The cadets are always fun to cheer on and I was impressed with the amount of loops thrown in their division. Each competitor was rocking a jackson boat of a sort, from stars, to shooting stars to rockstar s’s. Smart little people!

Afterwards we went into Expert women. Expert women, like the cadets and juniors competed in the lower hole. There were 4 expert women and each one was spinning to win. We had one unfortunate swim but none the less each lady had a ton of fun and smiled throughout the whole competition.

After the expert women there were two expert men, yes only two, many signed up didn’t show. But the two men went out and had a great time anyways. I was impressed that more expert women signed up then expert men- cool to see!

Next were the Juniors and all 7 of them paddled super well. With the spot being unattainable it was cool to watch them all have 4 rides. They didn’t slow down either and kept progressing throughout the session. Dane took the top spot with the highest scoring ride of the day (shocking huh…) and threw massive airscrews, clean blunts, helixes and mcnasties!  I was very impressed with all the Juniors as they each tried very hard moves and most of the time succeeded. Whether they got it or not didn’t matter, it was just super cool to see them try so many tough moves.

After the boys it was ME! The Pro Ladies Class, in case anyone didn’t know….

There were only 6 of us and they were evil enough to decide to cut only 1 of us. Kat Levitt did not make it and it was due to her having early flushes and not getting through her routine. She has been paddling great though and I hope this doesn’t discourage her progression. Many HUGE left air blunts from the ladies and I took the top spot with a commanding lead. Thanks to my new move, (first time ever getting one in comp) my clean left air blunt, (the photo isn’t of one of my good ones but the only photo of it I have) I now have new trick on the score sheet. I didn’t ever have a good ride and missed the mens top 5 by 10 points but I guess that just means I will have to throw down tomorrow. I was paddling well with back pan ams in some rides, helixes in others, and a sweet clean blunt in all of them, but all my good moves were very spread out so I never had one solid score…

But I still go tomorrow so wish me luck in beating as many boys as possible! (and hopefully some ladies too! )

Either way I am having an absolute blast here at the park, I cant tell you how beautiful it is!

The Mens class was not one to be missed, with 11 men they cut straight to 5 so that was a biggie for a lot of people. Two people really impressed me today to some surprise and that is Dan Skippy Simnec you used to be on the tour as a junior in the early 2000’s, and Quinton Barnett- Quinton was KILLING IT! Skippy had an an amazing first ride but failed to come close to that again on the 3 following rides.
Dad and Brian top the took two with two demshitz and Karl Moser in 5th. I thought Dad paddled super well, getting most of his tricks and breaking the 1000’s 3x in a row.  He had sweet helixes, clean blunts and mcnasties. Bryan threw less tricks but each one was beautiful. Demshits through a lot of moves and paddled super well, many didn’t count but that didn’t slow them down, they just kept keeping on. Karl, well, was just Karl. Showed up last night, paddle a few times, and caught ton of air in his rides like he usually does. He beat me by 10 points- bugger!

Here are the results and some photos for those of you who aren’t following on our facebook page:

Happy Paddling

Emily Jackson

Pro Men Preliminary Results at the 2011 National Champs:
1. Eric Jackson 2230
2. Bryan Kirk 1750
3. Craig Kleckner 1530
4. Mike Patterson 970
5. Karl Moser 815
Not moving on but great moves:
6. Quinton Barnett 705
7. Skippy Dan Simnec 640
8.David Levitt 500
9. Billy Malesky 450
10. Scott Sady 190
11. Pete Delosa 85
Pro Women Results
1. Emily Jackson 805
2. Devon Barker 355
3. Erin Clancey 335
4. Elaine Cambell 290
5. Jessica Yurtinus 210
Not moving on due to flushes
6. Kat Levitt 95
Junior Men Results
1. Dane Jackson 2200
2. Nico Tonozzi 590
3. Alec Voorhees 585
4. Tanner Griffith 565
5. Hunt Jennings 535
Not moving on but great rides
6. Brian Jameson 140
7. Evan Scheher 100
1. Dane Jackson 70
2. Jeff Cambell 10
3. Courtney Kerin with 0 but an amazing face surf!
Expert Men Results
1. Derek steigmeir 175
2. Kerry 80
Expert Women Results FINALS:
1. Alexis Jennings in her JK Star with 35 Points
2. Courtney Chapman 15 Points
3. Amanda Keys 10 Points
4. Bridget Stiegmier 5 Points
Junior Women Results:
1. Lauren Burress 590
2. Courtney Kerin 310
3. Sage Donnelly 240

Cadet Results:

1. Hayden Voorhees
2. Anna Scherer
3. Ashley O’bannen

Comments on “National Championships Day 1 Results at Kelly’s Whitewater Park:”

  1. Chris Tonozzi
    July 10, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Emily. Wish I could be there

  2. Ron Thacker
    July 11, 2011 at 1:35 am

    Just a Cascade resident who attended my first competition. I just want to thank the Jackson family fpr obvious reasons. For this would not have been possible with out you. Many merchants took a big shoot in the arm thanks to you. Eric, you and your family are a class act! Thanks again and hope to see again in Valley County.

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