A Quick Recap of the Garberator Rodeo- Ottawa Cup- Full Update and more Photos coming soon!

Hey Everyone

I am actually diving into my car to head home as we speak! (i haven’t been home since march)

So this is going to super short but for those of you who were wondering the top three for all the classes at the 2011 Garberator Rode i do have those!

It was an amazingly hot and humid day so being in the water felt amazing! The wave was epic! People were going Huhe, and the crowd was alot bigger than i can ever remember seeing here! Very cool to see and a fantastic way to spend your Labor Day Weekend!

I have been fighting off a fever and cold so i felt like i was getting eaten a ton but I still managed to pull out some sick tricks- including the lngest face surf of the entire event! Whoop Whoop! Go me! Even the JR Ladies didn’t manage to face surf as long as I could!

Here are the results and one photo I stole off FB- thanks Tyler Curtis!

Pro Men:

1. Nick Troutman (or hubby….)

2. Stephen Wright

3.  Devyn Scott

Pro Women

1. Me Me Me… Emily Jackson

2. Emily Wall

3. Katie Kowalski- Mean left blunts!

Junior Boys

1. Dane Jackson

2. Kalob Grady

3. Brandon from Great Britain!

(also the other two junior boys, Cooper and Galen paddled pretty frickin good as well!)

Junior Women

1. Courtney Kerin- she’s kinda a big deal

2. Sara Jane daub

3. Haley Something

4. Emily Zwanzenburg ( i know i didnt spell that right!) (she is only 13 and paddled so so well!)

Anyways a great day for everyone! Dad had the coolest entry move ever but didn’t stay on the wave long enough (dropped his paddle once and flushed after the second move on another)

Happy Paddling to all and I hope Fall Boating has you as pumped as it has me! Gauley Fest here we come …. but first stop ……HOME!!!!




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  1. Jim
    September 6, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Way to go Girl –Hope you get feeling better soon . U and the Hubby make a Great Team.

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