How the Colors Work for 2012

Jackson Kayak is pleased to announce its 2012 Color Selections- Which will be available for viewing on the Colors Sub-page of each model.

Here is a brief description and photos to help assist you in your Color Choices:

  • Let’s start with our Standard Colors:

Jackson Kayak’s Standard Colors are separated into four categories:

1. Standard Whitewater

Rockstar, Star, Fun, Fun Runner, Zen, Rogue,Hero, Villain, Dynamic Duo, Kids WW Boat

2. Standard Recreational

Daytripper, Ibis, Journey

3. Standard Hunting and Fishing Colors

Orion, Coosa, Cuda, and Big Tuna

4. Standard Crosslink Recreational Colors

Regal, Riviera, Mini Tripper

Each one of the following Standard Multi Colors could come out or appear different than the photo, leaving it one its own original version!

Here are the Standard Whitewater Colors:

jackson, kayak, colors, 2012, options, photo









Here are the Standard Recreational Colors:

jackson, kayak, colors, 2012, options, photo












Here are the Standard Hunting and Fishing Colors:

jackson, kayak, colors, 2012, options, photo, coosa, cuda












Here are the Standard Crosslink Recreational Colors:

jackson, kayak, colors, 2012, options, photo









For Non Standard Colors:



If you want to order a non-standard color, or your own multi color pattern please add $100 to your order total. You can expect a waiting time and have to order through your local dealer.  For an estimate on time frames be sure to check in with your local dealer.


Some common custom solid colors are:  Pink, Blue, Black.


Multi Colors are subject to turn out mixed more than intended. Please keep this in mind while picking your pattern.


CUSTOM DESIGNS: Minimum $200. Please contact your local dealer for pricing.
CUSTOM COLORS: Any custom, solid or multicolor, adds to the price of the boat.



If you have any questions regarding your color choices for a personal multi colors be sure to contact our customer service staff who would be happy to assist you!

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Happy Paddling-

The JK Team

Here are some custom colors on the water!