Emily’s Top Reasons She Loved th Fun Runner on the Caney Fork

Here are my top reasons for enjoying my day in the fun runner…..

1. Effortless to paddle…..
Coming from a play boat more often then not, it didnt have the large creek boat feel and didnt take several rapids to get used to the boat. The second I was in the boat and peeled out I was ready to rock!
2. Stable, side to side and front to back…..
Like the fun but wish it was a little less playful? The fun runner is perfect! When peeling out of an eddy its difficult to get your upstream edge to catch, even when you are making common mistakes.Also when boofing a hole or leaning back in rapids I found the bow would kick up but I didn’t back ender.
3. Rolls soooooo easy, might be one of the easiest yet, and that’s saying alot
4. Easier to get up on rocks for rocks spins. With it being longer but lighter it drives up onto the rocks like cake….this also helped when I wanted to boof off the rocks
5. New color selections! I was in the color called spider man…. It was a super fun color to look down at…..
6. Surfing…. It front surfs all the green waves thanks to it’s forward speed and allows you to literally just sit there…..Shudder Rudders, paddle twirls, and soul surfs are totally back and even easier!
7. The caney fork is a long day… 12 miles of pure rapids, and when your taking photos and video…it’s a really long day! I was so happy with how comfortable the kayak was…..It had the butt pad and bulkhead. Honestly I have been spoiled with sweet cheeks and foot bags, so for me to be in the kayak for so many hours and not have anything go numb, feel uncomfortable, or even tired of being in the boat was a big plus!
8. Bulkhead System….When theres rocks and boofs having a system you trust your ankles with, such as our bulkhead system really makes thinking about pitons disappear……

I could go on to all the little things such as the new grab handles and how nice those are but as far as my day went on the river the above things really helped make my day effortless!

I can’t wait for the next run in it and I hope you get a chance to take one out soon!
Happy Paddling
Emily Jackson

Comments on “Emily’s Top Reasons She Loved th Fun Runner on the Caney Fork”

  1. Jack Lu
    November 29, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    I cann’t wait to take one out.

  2. David Maribo
    December 1, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    I’m really thinking about this boat. What are shudder rudders, paddle twirls, and soul surfs ?
    … David

    1. December 1, 2011 at 3:44 pm

      Hey David!

      Shudder rudder is a goofy way to surf from the squirt days where you lean all the way back and drag your blade BEHIND the boat as you surf… front arm is direcly over your head straight up and rear arm over the back deck.

      Paddle twirls… spin the paddle while you surf.

      Soul surfing… just surfing back and forth and not doing tricks.

      This is the kind of answer you get from a World Champ freestyle boater who is used to doing all sorts of complicated tricks but finds this boat is better suited to pure surfing without all the complicated gymnastics!

      You will have lots of fun learning how to do these ‘tricks’ and more!


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