Canoecopia Day 1! Zens, Fun Runners, Coosas and Cudas!

Canoecopia Day 1


Canoecopia has officially been kicked off, the doors opened at 4pm last night and the flood of paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts took over!


I met some incredibly nice people as well as some paddlers I had met before. People walked the entire floor and all came right back to see the Coosa, Cuda and Big Tuna. In the Whitewater Side of things we had all eyes on the Zen and Fun Runner. Each model was getting their own time to shine. Many people coming from the Fun fell in love with the Fun Runner and many people coming from the Villain and Hero series loved the Zen. Although those that paddled fun’s and stars that wanted to get into river running a big more aggressively also had all eyes on the Zen.


I have paddled both and had a good feel for what people were looking for, but was happy to see the two river runners get a fair share of interest as they both deserve it!


I met an awesome lady who gave me some of her home made sea glass jewelry, I also met another couple who are stepping into whitewater and are getting everything they need here, another women also showed me her true dedication to the sport, an awesome Jackson tattoo!


Sperry Topsiders is a top sponsor and if you haven’t seen their booth you have to check it out. Put a pair of booties and walk their rubber testing path! With rock, slippery plastic planks and large boulders! These shoes can take it all!


Here are a few photos, I was so busy talking that I didn’t get time to take very many!

Come by the Booth and meet our own, Jake, Jeff, Marty, Sonia, Joe, Drew and Myself!

Purchase a Jackson Kayak and Get a Free Hoody!


It’s a beautiful morning in Madison and Day 2 is about to commence!


Happy Paddling wherever you may be!


Emily Jackson- Troutman

Comments on “Canoecopia Day 1! Zens, Fun Runners, Coosas and Cudas!”

  1. Eric
    March 11, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Looks like a great time, Emily!



  2. Hannah
    March 12, 2012 at 3:07 am

    Emily, thanks for the help picking the perfect rockstar! It got to ride home in the front seat of my truck, lie beside the bed at home, and I watched a little tv in it today in the living room. Haven’t had a chance to get on any ww yet, but I’m enjoying it!
    Glad you enjoyed the tattoo, that’s a great boat, the one in ink and my new rockstar.
    Thanks so much, it was great to meet you again. Hope yall can come up to Charles City, IA and try out our new ww park!


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