Response to the Fun Runner Review!

Hi Dana,

I concur with your review. I demo’d a Fun Runner 70 Sunday on the Shirttail run of the NF American and loved it! You can get a whip lash injury snapping into eddies with that boat!  My friend Bird says she jet surfed a FR-60 across the Hole 1 wave at the Reno WhiteWater Park so fast her hair was blown straight back even with her helmet on!

My stats are:
Long legs
Size 11 shoe

I had the seat centered, neutral trim, and the front bulkhead about as far forward as I could get it without altering the factory foam foot pad. Still my feet were just a little cramped by the end of the day (I had NRS river booties on). Otherwise the boat felt a little large on me (I added over an inch total of hip shims and was still a wee bit loose).  Though I’m sure there’d be times when the extra volume would be appreciated.

So I’m going to try and squeeze myself into a 60 and increase the playful factor even more.

I own several Jackson boats, a 2009 4Fun & a 2010 Hero. So I’m used to Jackson outfitting. The Fun Runner’s set up is a big improvement on an all ready good thing.

Thanks for your review. I, too, really liked this boat!

Bruce Taylor

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  1. kelly knight
    July 12, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    amazing boat, front surfs old school but forgiving and spins with new style. If surfing big fast waves is your cup tea this boat performs.Highly recomended.

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