Preliminary Results 2013 US Team Trials and Write Up- NOC

It was an action packed day here at the NOC Shootout and 2013 Freestyle Team Selections-

Kicking things off was JR Men and taking on the high water levels. Very excited to have JK Paddlers in the top three but also both eligible Kellogg Boys closely behind. The “cadets” that entered the JR Mens should also get a big round of applause- Dally and Kenny Kellogg.


JR Men cut to TOP TEN- So top ten will be moving on to Semi Finals tomorrow afternoon.


Following the JR Mens was the Senior Womens and my class. We also had a higher water level so that made it quite interesting and caused the general scores to go down dramatically from practice. Big Loops and Spaces took the top spots and I played it very cautiously focusing on my little moves to just make it in the top 5.

The women also cut to 10- but with the Ghost Courtney Kerin we cut to 11 total.


Following the women was the OC-1 Class. Jordan Poffenburger threw one of the biggest air mcnasties ever seen in an OC-1 and Dane said it wasnt even the best one he has seen Jordan do… so big props to Jordan for showing up his skills in the bigger boats! The OC-1 Cut to 5 so they will be moving on to FINALS on Sunday.

Always saving the best for last- the mens class. It was an action packed session with big rides, small rides and everything in between. You could feel the pressure that many of the men were placing on themselves. Luckily the water level dropped back down to the level we are accustomed too so they could stick to their original routines. Dane and Nick were both ghosts so you could see them coaching everyone and competing under much less pressure. I think that is also what has helped contribute to their awesome scores. Team Demshitz stepped up their free styling in hopes of making the US team and Andrew Holcombe came away from work to show us that he hasnt slowed down. Dad was in one of the earlier heats and didn’t have his greatest rides but that doesn’t matter as its a whole new ball game tomorrow. Jason Craig set the standards high out of the first heat and had one of the most fluid and relaxed rides of the day. If only his second ride was quite as fluid he would be placed a touch higher. Team JK’s Wright (not actually Brothers) made it through along with local boy and Team Hopeful Tommy Yon.Congrats to everyone who made it through to the top ten- or should we say top 12 as Dane and Nick are ghosting.


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  1. David Hughes
    April 27, 2013 at 2:56 am

    Thanks for sharing Clay. Not always easy to follow from Chile. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Barry Gay
    April 27, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Thanks Emily. You, Nick & son are looking good keep it up.

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