Epic Times in Buena Vista at the CKS Paddlefest (and EPIC Scores!) Video of Dane’s 1900 Point Ride

CKS Paddlefest Event Wrap Up!

CKS Paddlefest has many different events, clinics, and demos going on so its hard to even know where to begin. The whole event benefits the local Boys and Girls Club.

The event started on Friday with Colorado Kayak Supplies annual sale. They offered discounts on gear and some boats and store credits for every new JK bought. They also had a gear swap so if you wanted to get some money for your old equipment towards a new boat it was available. The old boat yard was filled with all sorts of treasures, Wavesport X’s, Pirouette S’s, the works….


That afternoon the Pro Rodeo started with Pro Mens and Womens Preliminary Rounds. Each got two rides and the combined set their place. We had 7 of the top ten men advance to Saturday and 2 of the 5 women were in JK boats also. I decided to compete to help boost the number of ladies and had a great time boating, 8 months pregnant and all…


The hole is small and requires finesse as well as power. The men delivered that big time and got some of the highest scoring rides ever.


Saturday the sale started again and the on water demos were in full force. We had Karmas and Zens out at all times, including all of our athletes personal boats. We couldn’t keep them on grass for long and it was great to see so many people excited about a good paddling season.  There was also a busy demo going on up at the local pond with our SUP’s the SUPerCharger, SUPerNatural and SUPerFishal. Ken Hoeve even put on a clinic with Mike Harvey on fishing from your board.


Nick Troutman and Stephen Wright each taught an hour of a two hour playboating clinic at the BV WW Park. Nick covered how to cartwheel and Stephen how to loop. The capped the number of participants off. As too many were trying to sign up. Thanks to Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center for setting those up.


11:00 am marked the beginning of the BV Pro Rodeo for Saturday and the Cadets were first up. This was one of my favorite classes to watch as they were all 12 and under and absolutely adorable. Each one was paddling in a shooting star except for one in a Fun 1.  There were several who were only 9 years old! These kids threw loops, entry moves, spins, cartwheels and some even space godzillas! We have one of the happy parents writing a full update on the Cadet class coming up soon!  See below for full results


The C-1’s Followed with just Dane and Rowan battling it out. As it was their finals and they were down one, they ended up only doing two rides after Rowan did what she wanted on her first ride without swimming, We then encouraged her to do one more ride which did result in a swim and we called the event at that. Dane won although most of his rides he was simply goofing off. Hunter Katich was supposed to be in C-1 but hurt his shoulder in his one practice ride and had to remove himself from the competition.


Then we had the Junior Men’s class. There were 5 of them and it was a great event to watch. Alec Voorhees absolutely ripped it apart, showing us why he has made the US Freestyle Team. He had blunt mcnasties both ways, orbits and more!  Behind him the Kellogg brothers battled it out with close scoring rides, and local boy Evan Sherer held his own.


The junior women showed an impressive display of hard moves. Rowan Stewart had a commanding lead in the beginning with a McNasty and Phonics in her bag. Anna Scherer struggled to get past her loop as the spot was flushing her out. Kady Kellogg had her highest scoring ride yet with both space godzillas and a big loop so she was very excited about her rides. The last junior lady to go but not least was Sage Donnelly who had just come off a big win at the Reno River Festival. She was looking for that win again but had nerve wracked first rides and was sitting off that top spot. In the end she pulled it out with one last chance and got her orbits, big loops, space godzillas and felix. It was good to see the Juniors throwing so many high scoring moves.


The Men started their semi finals off with bang and consistently threw 800-900 point rides in the first heat. The second heat then had the advantage of knowing the score to guarantee their placing in the top 5. Adam Chappell was the highest scoring person out of the first heat with a 930 so the second heat knew that they had a tough cut ahead of them. Each one pulled it out though with rides going as high as the 1,400’s! Dane took the top spot with Nick tight on his tail.


After Men’s semi’s was Women’s finals. Haley Mills and Adriene Levknecht were consistently throwing the highest scoring rides, with me maintaining my place in 5th with a loop and not much else. Katie Urban was battling it out to see if she could jump up on that podium but flushed quickly on all her rides, leaving her in fourth behind NZ’s Courtney Kerin. On Courtney’s last ride she pulled out all the stops and got her first place finish that she was looking for. Even with Haley and Adriene left to go with one ride, they couldn’t quite get their moves to go quick enough to knock her off.


During the Mens Finals was a SUP Race that went up and down stream, there was carnage and buoys and several rounds of women, kids and men.  This was action packed and weaved between mens rides.


The Men’s Finals was crazy. Absolutely insane. The rides were so high, and the combos were never ending. Dad kicked things off and consistently scored in the 800’s on each ride. After Dad was Stephen Wright who scored a ride in the 1,400’s right off the bat! This made the stakes high and everyone wanted to dethrone him. Next was Dustin Urban who didn’t pull off a high scoring ride due to his flushes costing him time but he still threw some super impressive moves including clean mcnasties! Not bad for a guy who has paddle 5x in 7 months!! Nick was up next and had posted some of the highest scoring rides in previous rounds, but fell short on his first ride and got only a 780. Dane went next and paddled his new Carbon 2013 Star by Murky Waters. Not only did Dane start getting every move in the book, but he combed each one as well, with loop, lunar orbit tricky woo’s and more. Here is a video of his impressive and yes 1,900 point ride: (keeping in mind that US rules include the 100 point orbit)




Each person pushed to their max after witnessing Dane’s first ride and Nick got up to a 1,490 which put him in second, missing  a couple of his moves and almost flushing. Stephen never improved his 1420 and Dad never broke out of the high 800’s. Dustin improved on his last ride and got over the 1,000’s but not quite enough to make the podium.


Below is full list of results for each class and scores.


Sunday was a third day of sales, clinics and demos. But it was also a special day for Team River Runner’s and I as we got to go on a river run with over 20 veterans. Each one had an incredible story and I had a great time getting to know and paddle with everyone. We had several with disabilities that had found ways to make paddling work for their needs, with weighted foam for people missing a leg and special arm prosthetics to clip on to a paddle. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and I wish I could have been on the water with them for even longer.



All in all the event did an amazing job of catering to every type of kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. I cant wait to come back next year and see what other event ideas they might have!

Event Results

Men’s Pro Final Results: (single ride score)
Top 5 Team JK!!
1. Dane Jackson 1,900
2. Nick Troutman 1,490
3. Stephen Wright 1,420
4. Dustin Urban 1,050
5. Eric Jackson 850

6. Adam Chappell
7. Craig Kleckner
8. Clay Wright
9. Bryan Kirk
10. Dave Fusilli

Pro Women’s Final Results
1. Courtney Kerin 400
2. Adriene Levlnecht 350
3. Haley Mills 320
4. Katie Urban 255
5. EMily Jackson 210

Junior Men’s
1. Alec Voorhees 830
2. Grady Kellogg 450
3. Brody Kellogg 440
4. Evan Scherer 385
Not able compete due to a shoulder injury
5. Hunter Katich

Junior Women Final Results
1. Sage Donnelly 440
2. Rowan Stewart 420
3. Kady Kellogg 220
4. Hannah Sherrer 100

1. Dane Jackson
2. Rowan Stewart

Super Impressive Cadet Class!! All paddling the JK Shooting Star and Fun 1’s! Combined scores:
1. Hayden Voorhees 485
2. Kenny Kellogg 335
3. Dally Kellogg 240
4. Cameron O’Connor 80
5. Nathan O’Connor 65
6. Connor Voorhees 60
7. Holden Bradford 60
8. Cardy Kellogg 60

Comments on “Epic Times in Buena Vista at the CKS Paddlefest (and EPIC Scores!) Video of Dane’s 1900 Point Ride”

  1. Randy Jackson
    May 27, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Great report on a great event! And good on you for paddling with TRR and jumping in the freestyle – eight months pregnant, no less!

  2. Kellie matack
    May 28, 2013 at 2:16 am


    We at Fort Carson TRR were truly grateful for the time you, eric, and clay spent with the veterans. They loved every minute of it. I have never seen so many soldiers pumped to make the lifestyle change to paddle sports. Permanent butts in boats!! They were very inspired and are looking forward to each new paddling experience! I know how exhausting pregnancy can be, and the fact that you competed and still found time to paddle with us was awesome!! You are blessed! Good luck with everything and keep in touch! I know they would love to see you guys again!

    Thank you!

  3. k
    May 28, 2013 at 2:30 am

    is that shiny thing the new star carbon ?

    1. May 28, 2013 at 4:44 pm

      Oh yes it is!

      Murky Waters is making us some nice light tough boats to play with and you can get one too! Check out Murkywaterskayak.com and contact them and ask for a Star or Allstar. Mine should be done soon!


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