Hurley Classic Day 1 Update! by Nouria Newman

Hurley Classic : game on !
Saturday was a pretty full on day at Hurley. The freestyle competition started pretty early in the morning and seemed to be never ending. After their freestyle heats, most paddlers took part in a quite tricky boatercross. After dropping of a steep scary ramp, you had to paddle around buoys, avoid a couple 8-ballers and try to go faster than the other kayaker. All in one, it was making a great show !  When everyone thought the show might be over, the freestyle super finals started. Although the water levels had dropped and the waves were no longer running on 3 gates, everyone managed to pull out some nice moves. This would make the competition very challenging since the paddlers didn’t really know the spot. Stephen Wright said : “It was fun to learn what I could do for the first time during the competition rides”. After a very good first run, Stephen was leading until the very last ride of the competition when Seb Devred managed to pull out another very nice run. In the women, I was very happy to win and had awesome feeling paddling in the 2014 Rockstar for one the very first time.

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