Kilroy in the Fort

After getting skunked by walleyes on a prior trip the week before, I was more than ready to fish in the big city with Mike & Kyle again for another chance at ’em one day this past November. This particular fishing spot is close to downtown in northeast Indiana’s biggest city and is one place I never expected I would be fishing at all, let alone from a kayak. Especially in thirty four degree weather. One of the many crazy things a guy will do to catch a fish, I guess!


We met up at 10 a.m., this time with another friend of ours, James. Mike had told me James was the “Walleye Whisperer” and he was right. James ended up with 6 or 7 fish while Mike & Kyle each caught 3 or 4 again. I had one reeled in beside my Jackson Kilroy, but it came unhooked right before I could net him. My frustration level hit a new high at that point as it seems I have a few fish species that simply haunt me, and walleyes were on that list this fall.



As the day wore on, I was starting to think I would be getting skunked yet again. The other guys were catching fish from their kayaks and even the local bank fishermen were reeling in walleye after walleye. Then suddenly the line was tight and a fish was hooked on the white crankbait I was throwing. Soon enough I had my first walleye from a kayak landed, photos were taken and the fish released unharmed. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…”He released one of the tastiest freshwater species known to man???” Yes I did. The Indiana DNR has an advisory on eating the fish in this river and I’m not much of a risk taker. The other guys all agreed and the fish caught from kayaks were released all day long. The local bank fishermen however, well, let’s just say they were living life on the edge by the looks of the fish dinner they seemed to have in mind.


Although caught just that one fish, it was still an awesome day on the water with good friends, in a place I am becoming quite fond of, chasing a fish I’ve learned to admire. Enjoy the video!

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