Mike McKay & Isidro Soberanes Kayak Big Banana

Big Banana is the classic day run of the Rio Alseseca. Combining beautiful, remote canyons with clean class 5 waterfalls makes this a must do for all advanced kayakers.

Check out this paced lap with Mike and Isidro filmed on our GoPros in March 2015. This was on a quick layover in Mexico on my way to Ecuador. I seemed to have brought the cold winter weather with me as it was the coldest day I have ever paddled in Mexico.

Comments on “Mike McKay & Isidro Soberanes Kayak Big Banana”

  1. Danny Hopkins
    March 24, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    Truly beautiful river, thank you for sharing! Kudos to your accomplishments and no fear paddling! Best wishes to you both on and off the water,

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