Late spring, dreams of summer.


Up here in Maine during a typical year the winters are very cold and snowy. This last winter set records for the lowest temperatures in February EVER in Central Maine, and it has just barley loosened its grip enough to get out and paddle the ocean while still dodging massive icebergs!





This kind of slow/no start has my mind drifting off to the summer 3rd drop sessions on the Penobscot we have. Usually there is plenty of eddy space, the wave is fast and the freestyle is contagious. Waiting for the rafts to come through and surf and swim is a good chance to empty the water out of your boat and rest. You see some guests from the raft companies swim by coughing up water, and its funny but you know your turn for a swim or unintentional upside-down surf may be coming!





Mostly its an exercise in Cracking the Whip, blunts, spins and some big fast front flips which usually are chundering, low loops, not getting any air and just getting knocked around, spit out and fighting the powerful current for a roll and a breath. That is what makes this spot so fun though, how quickly you get tired, the challenges of rolling when you’re exhausted and getting squirreled around upside down. It can really teach and help you learn most freestyle tricks, solidify your roll and get you in shape. It’s also a killer spot just to hang out, surf a river board and chill after work. Check out this video from last summer………………

Comments on “Late spring, dreams of summer.”

  1. JoJJohnJohn Regas
    April 6, 2015 at 5:28 pm

    Nice job Adam, down here in Portland just waiting for some warmer temps to get out

    1. Adam
      April 8, 2015 at 10:43 pm

      Thanks bud keep me posted.

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