VIDEO: Rockin the Realtree Kilroy on an episode of Project Z!

This past fall I was asked by well known lure manufacturer, Z-MAN, to appear in an episode of their web show Project Z. This was an honor of course, but what is even more significant about the request was the fact that kayak fishing continues to find its way into mainstream fishing marketing. The credibility of what we’ve been doing in kayaks for years is reaching all time highs. The people at Z-MAN have been incredible to work with and it is great to see another USA made company doing well in the fishing industry.

The mission was to head to the tidal marsh lands around Charleston, SC, and that is why I decided to use the new Realtree Kilroy that we had come out with. The boat performed flawlessly, but did I? I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out!

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