A Case for the Cruise

Fishing kayaks have gotten too complicated. Fishing kayaks have gotten too heavy. Fishing kayaks have gotten too expensive. If you have been in the kayak fishing community for any amount of time, I’m sure you have seen these comments on social media. I’m writing today to tell you that isn’t necessarily the case. Jackson Kayak heard some of these comments a few years ago and the Cruise series is the answer! When you buy a Cruise, your money is going to get you the comfort, standability, and hull performance that people have come to expect from a Jackson Kayak. All of this comes with a wide open deck, that is easily transformed into a serious fishing machine, if you choose to do so. I prefer to leave my Cruise stock, as in certain situations, I find the lack of accesories to be an advantage.


I have several of the dedicated fishing models, and love every one of them in certain situations. But, I still find myself grabbing the Cruise 12 for many trips. The hull design handles all water types short of technical whitewater with ease. I have taken it from the mountain streams of North Alabama to 3 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico and felt completely confident that the Cruise would get me to the takeout. If difficult access is on the table, I reach for the Cruise. New stretch of water? Cruise. Simple float trip? Cruise. Grab and go afternoon trip? Cruise. Need a HUGE tankwell to haul some gear? Cruise.

If you are a flyfisherman and don’t, want the weight or cost of some of the other models, you should certainly consider the Cruise. The wide open deck that I mentioned earlier, makes line control much easier.

Recently, I have noticed a trend in my area of folks adding the Cruise 10 as a second boat in their fleet. If you are within capacity of this hot little number, you would be hard pressed to find a kayak with its comfort and light weight. It is a perfect kayak to toss in the back of the truck before you head out to work in the morning, so that you can stop for a quick paddle on the way home. And if you have ever tried to lug a fully rigged kayak up a muddy hillside, you will love the light weight and small size.

It is a fact that there is no perfect kayak for all situations. In my opinion, the Cruise is about as close as you can get. Stop by your local dealer and check them out!

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