Gopro Kayaking Kid – C-Huck

Gopro Kayaking Kid Video

This summer I had a blast teaching and paddling in the southeast with some amazing little rippers. For 4 weeks I had a gopro with one of them and he got some amazing shots, enough for this little video.

The great part of this video is that it shows how fearless and hooked on paddling this kid is, running waterfalls, jumping off bridges and just generally having one of those summers that we all remember when we think back to that awesome summer days as a kid. Some of the rivers include the Tellico, the Ocoee, the Upper Green as well as video from Costa Rica such as the Paquarai and Sarapaquai.

Thanks to Jackson Kayak for making a kayak that fits kids this size, C-huck could not have boated without that fun 1.5. These kids sized boats are just amazing.

See you on the river,

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