Cruise 10 Angler a grab and go kayak

About a year ago while at an outdoors show I picked up a Cruise 10 Angler from Rivers Edge Canoe and Kayak for my girlfriend. I figured this would be a good kayak for her but had no idea what so ever how versatile of a purchase I had just made. Like any good kayak angler would, late that evening I set it up on some horses and started to plan out how it would be rigged. I quickly realized that you can literally add anything to this kayak you could possibly need via tough ball mounts without drilling a single hole. Being someone that fishes a number of kayaks in various conditions these type of features are important to me.

So I got her all setup and took it out for a day on the lake. I didn’t expect this to be a kayak that offered the stability I’d need to stand and fish comfortably but I ended up pleasantly surprised when it was! Given the quality of the Elite Seat it was obviously comfortable as well. Now keep in mind this is a 10’ kayak and won’t be winning any races anytime soon and given the length it’s certainly susceptible to the wind as far as getting turned around. These things are expected of a kayak that offers the most important benefit to me which is convenience.


Being the owner of 412 Bait Company time is often extremely limited. I can sometimes plan your normal tournament days or full fishing trips where I can bring the specific kayak needed for those conditions such as a Coosa HD or Cuda 14. More often than not I find myself in a circumstance like most busy people probably do where I may have only a couple hours to fish. You know the one or two rods in the truck and small tackle box to hit a local flow from shore for a few casts before you’re on to the next responsibility. Well that exact situation is what made me fall in love with the Cruise 10 Angler. I now had a 53 pound kayak that can easily be thrown in the bed of the truck that would get me off the shore for those short trips. I found myself grabbing this little kayak under more and more circumstances simply because it got me on the water more. That feeling where you want to fish but just not sure you have the time to load and prepare everything was no longer a wasted chance to fish. It was now me throwing the Cruise over my shoulder and running out the door to capitalize on way more fishing opportunities.


I got so comfortable with how easy this little kayak was to transport at this point I thought about how it could benefit me in getting more off the grid so to say. The places that would normally be a mile long drag through rough terrain or even a place that only a 4wd ATV could get you to. My mind started to race with possibilities of secluded rarely touched locations and next thing I know I’m strapping a kayak to the roll cage of a side by side and off into the woods I went.


When it comes down to it I think the Cruise 10 Angler is a perfect kayak for someone with limited space like an apartment, someone who frequents hard to reach locations, or for that person looking for the age old “significant other” kayak. I promise I won’t tell them how much you plan to use it yourself!

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