Getting Dad Out

It feels like it was a long time coming- between work and spending time with my wife and 1-year-old son, spring, summer and fall simply flew by. I made it out about 25 times so far this year on a mix of water types- on really large bodies of water in the Kraken and small rivers and creeks in a 10 foot Crusie. No matter the waterway, I was almost always in search of my favorite species, smallmouth bass and never without a rod (or eight).


I’m not the only angler in the family with an affliction for brown bass, my father also prefers rock runners over their green counterparts and I grew up taking a few trips each year to Lake Erie in one of a couple different bass boats that helped to mold my love for bass fishing throughout those years which I’ll never forget.


I had a goal to get my dad on some smallmouth out of the kayak this year and as I look outside and see that most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, I am going to go out on a limb and say I won’t hit that goal in 2015. While I reserve the Cruise 10 for creeks and floats and realizing the full-size Kraken may not be the right fit for a beginner, I eagerly awaited the release of a boat I felt would be absolutely perfect for him- the Kilroy DT.


Even though he won’t get to experience the excitement of a smallie out of the yak this season, he was able to spend part of an afternoon fishing out of the new vessel and I could tell immediately it’s something he’ll feel comfortable in once the snow melts and local waters reach a safe temperature.


I’ll gladly test the limits of the Crusie 10 if it means I’ll be out with my dad. Getting him out there in comfort and on some big fish right next to me is the least I can do as gratitude for all he’s done in my life and I can’t wait for him to experience all of the things about this sport that I’ve grown to love more than any other.

As a side note, I think we may have another smallie slayer around in a few years, he just doesn’t know it yet.


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