Kayak Duckin’


Duck season is full swing and there are tons of opportunities for kayakers to get out and kill a few birds. Jackson offers a few boats that fit the needs of any kayak duck hunter. Most specifically the Realtree Edition Kilroy, which is setup with a camo seat cover, a full blind to cover the entire boat, and a decoy bag (Which is a great added touch). There is also the Kilroy LT decked out completely in Realtree Max 5. There are a couple other options that will work as well and are available in camo colors. The Cuda has a center hatch that can be rigged up to make a perfect place to stick a shotgun for quick access. My new boat is a GI Jackson Coosa HD that has plenty of internal storage for decoys and a big deck with plenty of room to tote a dog along, however I am going to have to figure out a shotgun storage solution for my boat.
Kayak duck hunting offers the same challenges that kayak fishing does. Anyone wanting to get involved is going to have to put in some work and do some research. Finding access areas that are close to your desired hunting area is key. That way you can put in, quickly arrive to your setup, throw your decoys out, and be ready when the ducks start flying.
Whether your hunting flooded timber, paddling out in the marsh, or jump shooting ducks floating down a river a kayak is a great tool for a duck hunter to get in the backwaters and chase some ducks.

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