The Zander Passion

DCIM100GOPROG0052143.Zander was for me a complete mystery… a shadowy predator of the world under the water. When I got into kayak fishing I met a group of anglers with whom I made a kind of a deal: I show you how to kayak fish, you show me how to reach the fish 🙂 and it worked… years later they know how to paddle and I learned a bit how to fish for these complicated predators.

These guys, now I can happily say my friends, fished mostly for zanders and perch on the lakes in Czech Republic. I started fishing with them, we would meet at my house, full of Jackson Kayaks for sale, and set of on fishing trips around our country. I slowly started decoding the zander behaviors and the techniques to fish for these predators.

It took a long time before I started learning… the presentations that you need to do, the precision of the hookset. Many aspects of zander fishing will give you a headache.

Also the kayak fishing aspects play an important role in your success with zanders. Stay on anchor?? Or drift?? Vertical or cast&retrieve? Power fish a hotspot all day or keep paddling and searching for active fish? All these decision will heavily influence whether you have a great fishing day or you struggle.


One of the best things when kayak fishing: hanging out with friends

 The big thing that I learned over the years is that you have to learn yourself… the fishing technique and your kayaking technique. I found out that zander fishing is so challenging that the experience and know-how has to be learned over time, you cannot just learn it from a friend, even if he tries hard to explain.

I think there are just things that we do that we are not aware of: subtle differences in presentation of our bait, choice of where to cast, how to retrieve and the overall tactics. So even if you try to explain, you cannot transmit the information, because you are not aware of it.

Finding the right pattern with zanders is much harder than with other species I have fished for… and that is why the challenge remains and the rewards are big 🙂



Perch are often caught in the same spots as zanders.


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