Coosa HD Coastal Excursion


I’m loading up my truck and heading to NC’s coast with all the gear needed for a week in the outdoors. Fishing rods, all my duck hunting gear, and a climbing stand and deer rifle.
Five days spent in the Coosa HD chasing ducks first and foremost, trying to put a deer in the Orion 85 if time allows, and if the weather permits getting out on the water to try my luck with some speckled trout and stripers(“rockfish”)…
Trips like this always refresh the adventure of kayak fishing/ and hunting… Getting outside and roughing it, mixing it up(duck, deer, fish), and getting to spend time with some great friends and eat some good fresh seafood.
I highly recommend anyone who is interested in doing a trip like this to grab a couple friends, plan it, and go for it. Hopefully things go well as far as filling the Orion 85 goes, either way it will be a blast just spending time in the great outdoors
-I’ll be sure to post a part two to this covering how the trip went and some tips for kayak camping.
Get out there!!

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