Cracking the zevenhuizer code Part 2

DA while ago I posted part 1 of my attempts on my home water near Rotterdam, the Zevenhuizer lake.

Unfortunately I am not in the lucky position to spend time on the water in my kayak each week but with some planning it is possible to spend my hours on the water.

It is winter 2015 in the Netherlands. 3 to 4 Gr. Celsius, wind 4 Bft on the water. Calm weather and we are going to give it a try.

While I am putting my kayak in the water the recent catches of a personal best pike and perch cross my mind. It gives me some good vibes ! I already made a plan where to fish this afternoon.

In the middle of the lake the depth is approx 18 to 25 mtrs. To my opinion the best spots now are near the borders of the lake.
The point where the depth of about 2 mtrs suddenly drops down till 6-8 mtrs.
In the Zevenhuizer lake there is weed growing in summer till a depth of approx 3-4 mtrs depth. Deeper than 4 mtrs the light does not penetrate enough anymore and that is where the bottom starts to be flat and fishable.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Some of these spots are on the list today to fish.

First I paddle the JK Kilroy to the north side of the lake. There is a shallow part of the lake. 20 mtrs from the borders the lake suddenly gets deeper. I am casting my shad towards the 2-3 mtr point and I’m retrieving it slowly towards the deeper part. With the modern braided lines you can feel each detail on the bottom.
1 bite (probably a perch) but I could not hook it.
After 1 hour of fishing on this spot I decide to go to another spot.

Back on the west side where I started the day. Here also a nice piece of lake where between 2 islands there’s approx 2 mtrs of water. Also here I am going to fish the drop off.
3 casts and a thug on the end of the line. A short fight and approx. 5 minutes later a small pike shows up.
Fish found. But not a big one yet.

Time for a coffee break. Time to warm up !



With a good mood I jump in the kayak and paddle to the south side of the lake. Numerous casts but not 1 bite. I fish every part of the water column. From 1 mtr depth till 8-9 mtr. Not any sign of fish.
The rest of the afternoon I fished the lake but I could not persuade a fish anymore to grab my shad.

With a smile on my face I take my kayak out of the water. 1 pike richer, caught on the Zevenhuizer lake.
Not an enormous catch, but fish is fish. It looks like I can find the predators reasonably well.
Could I distract the bigger ladies also, fishing this way ?

To be continued

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