Filming with Continental Tires: #ForWhatYouDo

This Fall I had the opportunity to shoot a kayak piece for continental tires. That was roughly the information that I had, that they wanted a kayak piece for a series based about different sports. I thought it sounded cool so I said yes. A couple days before the shoot we were starting to plan some more of the logistics and that is when I found out that I might actually be taking the host of the show down the lower Green river in the Duo. Cool, and a little different from what I CW2Q6CCVAAAbGjDhad expected.

Morning of filming we got up at 5AM, and met with the crew at good ol’ Cracker Barrel for some breakfast and to rig my Element with cameras. From there we pretty much rolled straight into filming, which consisted of lots of cool driving shots and audio takes etc, throughout the morning. After a full crew lunch break we headed to the river. This obviously was the more exciting part for me, thought I think the female host Andrea was probably just as excited to get into the water.

CWdWfUEUkAAo9CCWe started off with some easy paddling down the river as our warm up, though quickly Andrea got the hang of paddling and wanted more. We found some bigger rapids to get her excitement going and she styled those as well. Though once we found a 2 drop to run, she got a touch nervous about the idea of her first waterfall.

We ran the drop successfully and if that wasn’t enough for her, then ended off the day with a couple rolls just to give her the full whitewater kayaking experience. The whole day was a blast shooting with the Andrea and the whole crew, though it was even more fun for me to get back into the Dynamic Duo again and realize just how fun it can be to take someone new down the river and share the whole experience of kayaking, nature and the joy of the river. Check out the final piece for the series and maybe you too will think of someone you want to take down the river.

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