Kayak Fishing has no age limit

The Kayak Fishing definitely knows no age limit, our 72-year-old friend Rolf from the Predator Kayak Fishing Classic proves this every day! He is probably one of the oldest Kayak anglers throughout Europe, although there might be some others too. Many other, younger, kayak anglers can learn from his stamina and enthusiasm. For Rolf, kayak fishing is the ultimate fun technique for catching fish.



It all started a few years ago with a simple Rhino Sharkoon Sit-on-top kayak. The first paddle tests were carried out on a large reservoir in Spain, it was not long until Rolf got his own Sharkoon and since then he has spent every free minute on the water. Last year he was introduced to the Jackson Kayak COOSA and a short time later he called this model in color ‘Green Hornet’ his own.



Rolf is using his COOSA mainly for touring on rivers, lakes and the Baltic Sea in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, and always manages to outwit some really nice perch. This year he will also participat in the ‘Jackson Kayak Fishing Open’ in Sweden and will hopefully land a few pikes to get some decent score. We look forward to 20 more years of Kayak Fishing with our elder- Rolf!


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