VIDEO: Epic fight with a 25lb Dentex from the Kraken fishing kayak

big dentex from kayakJackson Kayak Team member Frasco hooks a big dentex and fights it in an epic video from the Giblartar strait. A 25 lb specimen is a good challenge from a fishing kayak. Report follows: VERSION ESPAGNOL

Last Monday 4:00 PM, we all meet at the beach to go kayak fishing, a special day for all of us because this year we haven’t been able to meet and go fishing together
either for work reasons or because of injuries, for example I’ve been strugling with a shoulder injury for several months.

As the morning lights reflects on the surface of the sea I’m anxious to launch my fishing kayak and smell the sea… I have had several weeks without getting on the water. At 4:00 we are all on the beach preparing kayaks, rigging our rods, fishfinders and preparing all necessary gear to go hit the water. The conditions were perfect to paddle with my Kraken even considering my late shoulder injury.

Once we reach our mark we start drifting, on one of the drifts I can clearly see a very active fish on the screen of my fishfinder.
I shout to the closest guy from our group(Raul Torres) that I got active fish right below my kayak and I start doing jigging my lure. Not even 30 seconds later I feel a big bite, a second later I feel that the fish is a big specimen of Dentex, I feel the power of a big one. Once again the Kraken proves s stability and comfort when fighting large fish. I feel the emotions flood my system and a huge smile appears on my face.



Thanks to:
Antonio Rubio Carmona, Jan Liska Zoid, ROCROI Distribution (Fatigays Team) Jesus Antonio Moreno Diego (Popper), Raul Torres Sanchez (The Tolorao), Daniel Galan Andres Velasco (Pali) Antonio Alarcon Gutierrez (Curruco) and my copañeros Jackson Kayak Spain Fishing Team


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