Realtree Kilroy works like a charm…. But…

I had the opportunity to finally get into a Realtree Kilroy..(whether it be the rotomolded version or the Realtree LT, same concept)… and chase some ducks. From my short float trip I could tell the advantages of the Kilroy compared to the other kayaks I’ve hunted out of before (Although they do work). Therefore, I will be buying a Realtree Kilroy for next year just to rig up for jump shooting ducks on the river, and getting into flooded backwaters.

The purpose of this article is to share a few of the things I’ve learned so far and some of the modifications I plan to apply to the Kilroy to make it even better yet. Camouflage and being still are two things that are imperative to successful duck hunting. The Realtree Kilroys come decked out in either Max 5 or Realtree AP camo which is good, but add bungee cord and pad eyes down the whole length of the kayak then cut some branches and brush in your kayak and you will see a difference in what you can get away with movement wise. It basically turns you into a floating layout blind and allows you to get much closer to the ducks before they bust off the water.

IMG_20160115_113829Movement is the next key, or controlling movement more specifically. if your floating down a river you are going to encounter currents and eddies which will shift your boat pretty much wherever they want to. You keep your boat straight by paddling, but when you see a duck the idea is to not move at all until its in range. If you lay your paddle down to not spook the duck you are at the mercy of the river to keep you tracking straight and present you with a good shot. To be able to swing your gun on a duck and shoot you have to orient yourself on the right-hand side of the river if your right-handed. So that you can swing to the left and cover the whole river. If you are left-handed then you’d want to be on the left side of the river for the same reason. So to fix that problem I am going to install a rudder and when I’m hunkered down in my floating layout blind covered in brush I can control the direction my kayak with my feet and always be positioned for the best shot I can get.


There are tons of duck hunting opportunities on rivers. When impoundments and ponds freeze up ducks are forced to go to flowing water. Just always remember to put safety first, and prepare yourself accordingly. A mid-winter plunge in a river could be deadly and result in loss of expensive shotguns and gear. Be careful out there and have fun. I know I’m excited about rigging my Kilroy up to be the ultimate river hunting boat.

Good luck!

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