Jackson Kayak Little Shredder Squad

Let us introduce the new Jackson Kayak Little Shredder Squad.


So there are some amazing young kids that are paddling so ridiculously well and Jackson Kayak have decided to help these kids on their path to being all that they can be in a kayak. With the help of Jez as little shredder team manager and also the assistance of the fantastic Jackson Kayak team who are taking them under their wing, we can only predict big things for these kids.

Let us introduce two of the little shredders here, Alex and Lotte as they write their first ever blog introducing themselves to the world. How exciting!

Hello everybody, my name is Alex Walters, I’m 15 years old and from the UK. I started paddling 4 years ago and have been in a freestyle boat for 3 years. I never thought back then that taking up this sport would have lead to so many adventures and most of all so much fun!

My last year was a bit of an interesting one with little time on the water (mostly due to injury). One of many highlights was when the burners (a youth freestyle program that I am involved in) went to Canada for 2 weeks – it was an absolutely awesome experience. Canada was my first paddling in 2015 due to a recurring back injury it was quite an intense third freestyle session after injury being on the St.Lawrence river. Another highlight of 2015 has to be the Hurley classic. It has an absolutely fantastic atmosphere and a world class feature. Hurley being my home spot, it was so nice to see so many familiar faces and so many new ones.


So what does 2016 hold? Lots of fun and lots of training! With the progress I made in 2015 I’m very excited to see what 2016 has to offer in terms my paddling ability and most importantly new places to visit. I’m always keen to try new features as I believe that they all help me to diversify my kayaking and help to keep everything interesting. My goal this year is to make finals at the European championships this year. Admittedly it will not be easy as the standard of junior freestyle has shot up in the last couple of years but, I think it will be achievable! As for trips planned we will have to see, I am going to Plattling before the Europeans, other than that nothing is set in stone.

2016 looks like it will be a brilliant year!


Hello my name is Lotte Rayner and I’m 14 years old. I live in a small town of 5000 people called Alexandra located in the south of Te Wai o Pounamu or the South Island of New Zealand. I have recently finished the summer holidays and I’ve just started year 10 at Dunstan High School which has 500 kids. Our school goes from year 9 to year 13. I have two older brothers Max and Otis. Max is 19 and is at university, Otis is 17 and is in his last year at high school. I live with my mum and dad and my whole family kayaks. In the winter I ice skate and ski. I’ve been kayaking for about 10 years doing the local rivers, and my favourites are the upper Shotover, the Roaring Meg and Dogleg sections of the Kawerau river and at the Hawea Whitewater Park which opened 4 years ago.


One of my highlights of the summer holiday was running the Kaituna river in the North Island with Anna Bruno, Nouria Newman and River Mutton. After running Tutea (a seven meter waterfall) I had a huge adrenaline rush, and I loved it! I love kayaking because it’s fun, exciting and adventurous. I’ve got a great group of kayaking friends and most of them are in our local kayaking club. I do slalom, river running and freestyle kayaking. This summer I attended the Hawea academy freestyle camp and was a coached by Claire O’Hara and Anna Bruno. It was so fun! I got my loops and blunts sort of consistently, got a felix and nearly got a space godzilla, I want to work on my McNastys. One day I hope to compete in the junior freestyle world championships. I also hope to get more coaching from Claire and Anna who inspire me heaps and make my kayaking even more fun and exciting.



Check out the JK Little Shredders page to find out more and keep a look out for more blogs from these awesome young boaters from around the world.


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