Crooked Fork

I have been spending the winters in the South East for the past 9 years. Though with a busy schedule, and ample travel, I only get to spend 1-3 months a year in the South East. What this sums up to, is the fact that there are still tons of local rivers left for me to explore and experience. Though I did just get to check another one of the list, for a personal first descent, the Crooked Fork.


The Crooked Fork an amazing run with a couple really fun and friendly waterfalls. We went with a fairly large crew, Stephen, EJ, Dane, Emily, Albert, Clay and myself. The young local Albert led us down down the river, being that he was the only one in our group to have previously run the river. The river consists of three main waterfalls with a couple miles of class 2-3 in-between depending on where you take out. The first big drop is LaMance Falls, which starts the run off with a nice 20ft drop. We lapped this a couple times being it was so fun. After LaMance is some boogie water rapids that are read and run until the next horizon line that is Potter’s Falls. Potter’s Falls is a really wide and clean 15ft falls with several different lines. We all stopped to session this drop, and we all tried several different lines. Immediately following Potter’s Falls is the third and final of the waterfalls. The final falls was a double teared 12ft drop consisting of an 8ft boot followed by a 4ft boof. Dane, EJ, Stephen and myself played around trying both the left and right options, and even ran both sides together. It was a really fun run and great to knock off another local river with our local Rock Island crew.


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