90 Second Takeaway: The Coosa

Sometimes it seems easy to forget about the versatility of the Original Coosa.  For a river boat, it is simply unmatched in its maneuverability and versatility.  I jokingly make it my motto, “I will have a variety of boats in my lineup, and most will switch- but I will always, always have a Coosa.”  In reality, this couldn’t be more true!  A Coosa will always be among the Jackson Kayaks I am fortunate to own.  And for good reason.  So many times, river fishermen will simply blow through an area with current due to a lack of boat control.  With the Coosa, it is built similarly to a whitewater boat in its hull design and it can pull safely and securely into the back eddies, allowing you to make precise casts on areas where the fish reside.

The next time you are out on the water or at your local dealer, try one out for yourself. You’ll never look back! I hope you enjoy my 90 Second Takeaway on the Jackson Kayak Coosa.

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