Daddy Daughter Dates- Good Karma

Daddy Daughter Dates – Good Karma!
As a father of 5, I find it important to take each of my children out for some one on one time with Dad. We play, talk, have fun, eat junk food, sing to the radio, and love every minute of it! Having my oldest out of the house now, the time with my four girls becomes even more precious.
My oldest daughter, Kathryn and I love to travel and experience new things. We caught wind of the Muddy Rivers Festival and decided to check it out. Rain was in the forecast, so rather than camp, we opted to stay up late, watch movies at home, and then get up when we felt like it to make the 3 hour drive to the festival. Boy, we were glad we did! Turns out we traded a cold night and missing the 8am paddle for a fun drive and seeing how many McDonalds hash browns we could eat. We arrived in time to check in for the noon paddle down Spring Creek.

With the water at a great level, we seal launched our Karmas off a 10’ rock and were ready to paddle. Spring Creek is a gem! Lots of drops, falls, and creases to run. We had the opportunity to paddle with Nick, Dane, and our friends the Hardman’s. It was fun helping people down the drops, creating new lines, and playing in and launching off of the big waterfall. The Jackson Karma is the perfect boat for exploring creeks and drops. I love this boat. I noticed how many people had trouble with other boats, but not the JK Karmas and Zens.


They give the timid paddler confidence to try new things and boof the drops. The Karma is my go to boat for new water, water falls, and general exploration. After the paddle, we headed back to the festival grounds for great music and even better food. Yard Birds had the best loaded fries (bacon, cheese, BBQ, more cheese, and bacon!) Stuffing ourselves with loaded fries and tortilla soup from Colorado Folks was the best after a long paddle!


Soon it came time to load up the Karmas and head home. During the drive, we laughed, talked, learned the difference between U2 and Youtube – Me- Go iTunes and turn on some U2, I think you will like them. Her- Ok, I’m on Youtube, who are we looking for?
I love Daddy Daughter Dates—Kayaking, traveling, exploring, good food, good people, and most important spending time with my kids. Jackson Kayak helps make that possible!

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