Coosa HD review and more Redfish

Another great day on the water. 9 Reds 8 sub slot one 23″. Been paddling the CoosaHD just about every weekend for the last 2 months. I fish entirely in the intercoastal waterways of Northeast Florida. This kayak paddles very well and is very stable. Not as fast as my other kayak the Cuda 14 but still an excellent ride. The ergonomics of this kayak are well thought out and one thing you don’t realize is how much room you have in front of you until you sitting in the seat and actually fishing. The high seat position allows you to store items like a measuring boat under the seat which is a very handy quick grab when dealing with a large unhappy Redfish in the kayak. One big plus is the scupper shaped to accept a transducer. It’s location under the center console allows for easy and clean routing. Put a JKrate on the back for gear storage and two small tackle boxes on each side of the seat for frequent use items like hooks or jigs and your ready to go. You can’t go wrong with this kayak.


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