Greeter Falls

After a heavy rain on the Southern Cumberland Plateau, water rushing down a certain creek bed reveals a spectacular 50 foot waterfall. The water flows off the lip of the falls just before the Plateau undergoes a drastic geological change. The Warren Point sandstone changes to the Raccoon Mountain Formation and shale begins to emerge in the canyon walls below. The pool, full of large chunks of fallen sandstone, begins to fill up as water soars off the lip past the shelf (i.e. more water is better for kayaking). The falls were just 30 minutes from my college campus, so I made it a priority to descend them my freshman year.


I had a successful decent, but I mistakenly did not return until the middle of my final semester. After realizing I had not taken advantage of quite the resource, I returned to the waterfall twice more within two weeks to drop off the plateau again. The morning of my final decent of the semester, Dane, Nick, and I met at the falls parking lot and quickly hiked down to find the falls full of water.Greeter-post-2 Greeter-post-3

Nick went first with a very impressive line followed by Dane demonstrating a steely line with the softness landing possible, topping it off by resurfacing upright in celebration. Inspired and pumped up, I hurried up to my boat. To put it in perspective, the water above the falls looks like an infinity pool. The green water swiftly flows in a uniform fashion to a lip that pretty much looks like a seemingly indistinguishable, flat horizon line when sitting in your boat above. It took a moment to get the courage to approach the lip and line up the drop, but I soon began to head right for the desired spot. I reached the horizon line with a tad bit of right angle and began to let my bow fall while nursing a left stroke. The impact was very soft and followed by high levels of stoke. Here is the video of the awesome day:

The Plateau Provides from OGP Productions on Vimeo.

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