Loving my new Kilroy DT

I found the kayak that better suits my needs, as an angler, as someone who loves sharing the passion for fishing and as a father who loves his children and wants to bring them along on trips.

The new Kilroy DT let’s me be all those things.

I won’t go into details on how to setup the DT in the solo or tandem positions because there are already many videos talking about it and Kilroy DT walk throughs. But one thing I will tell you: you can definitely setup your DT for three people to fish, but for this you need your Orion Cooler 25 or a similar cooler. Move both seats forward (facing any way you want) and place your cooler in the far back of the boat. Voila, you have a kayak for three!

Luckily my daughters are old enough to listen and not move too much because sitting that high made it a bit tippy but still comfortable enough to enjoy a few hours out on the water.



I heard from a very reliable source that Jackson Kayak is already on the drawing boards designing a kids Elite Seat to place in between both adult seats, instead of the foot rest. I can’t wait to be able to purchase that accessory. I know my family will enjoy many days on the water!

Until next time!

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