Coosa Steelhead

Northern California is blessed with many rivers that support salmon and steelhead. Bank access on these river is generally limited due to private property and heavy vegetation. Traditionally, premium fishing opportunities are limited to drift boats. The Coosa shatters this paradigm and is a joy to paddle down these scenic rivers.

When conditions are right, these rivers are clear and the fish can get spooky. Because of this my Coosa is olive drab and I keep my whole boat as stealth as possible. I also have an anchor system so I can stop my drift at any time (see earlier DIY post).


Steelhead are incredible fighters that make long runs and are famous for their “dorado-like” cartwheels and acrobatics. If the situation allows I will generally drop my anchor and fight the fish from the bank in case the fish turn and run upstream.


I use a rubber net and take great care when landing these beautiful fish.


Most local rivers require that steelhead be released. Even when its not required I generally do, these fish are too cool to eat! A quick CPR session and off they go!


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