Summerfishing for Pike in Karlskrona


This year we planned a summer-kayak-pikefishing-trip to Karlskrona and visiting our good friends Gunnar and Christin Ahlström again.
We finally arrived at Gunnars Place on July 3rd. The water temperature was rather warm and we were very excited how the fishing would be within the next two weeks.

Only a few hours after our arrival, I started my first kayak session. Most of the time I had to go out alone because my lovely wife is pregnant and so she is a little tired and weak… 😉

I enjoyed my days out on the water and I can say it right at the start: It was awesome. The summerfishing in the archipelago is very different from the spring-, autumn- and winter-fishing, but we also were in Karlskrona in August 2014 and it was great too. So I knew where to search for the fish and Gunnar and his son Christian shared their experiences with me.

So – all in all – it was not a hard thing to find out, what the pikes wanted and where they were.
I managed to land over 60 pikes in a few days, lost many and had many followers. The activity was great, and I had such a good time out on the water.

(I did not fish every day – I had to spend some time with eviii as well and had to do some usual holiday-things… 😉 ).
You just have to know where you have to look for them. Stony areas with weeds on the stones, some wind and the cooler water outside of the very shallow bays: there you will find the pikes! And of course you have to use the right flies! This time they were very picky, but I had great successes with some silver-glittery flies – you just have to try out.

All in all I can recommend trying out the summer pikefishing in the archipelago!!! There is no other time when the pikes are so strong. Especially on the fly rod even a 65-70 cm pike gives you a great battle. (I caught all my pikes on the fly.)


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