The new Rockstar XS getting kids excited about freestyle!


I was very fortunate to take one of the brand new Rockstar XS up to the Ottawa this week on a camp program and this boat is amazing. It fits kids in between the shooting star and the Rockstar small like a glove. I can’t believe how well it fits for these kids, just like a great pair of shoes that fit perfectly, this thing really is the perfect size for these kids. What an amazing boat, the exact same freestyle boat that everyone else uses just a bit smaller. I can’t wait to see how these kids learn in this boat, it will increase the speed of learning tricks so much.
Here is a cool letter to Jackson from one of the kids.


Dear Jackson Kayak,

Thank you for letting Jez borrow the Rockstar XS for camp and Huck Ottawa. It is a really cool kayak. I could do more tricks in it than in my Shooting Star! I tried it out on garburator and threw some blunts and roundhouses. I used the XS almost the entire time on the Ottawa river instead of my own Shooting Star (which I love too). I got my Shooting Star last August for my birthday! I so wish that I could get the Rockstar XS!


Thank you so much. I was so stoked to use it on the most fabulous river I’ve ever paddled on—the Ottawa!!

-C- Huck

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