A Win for All


Yes, that is a bag of garbage. It is truly a special event when anglers can head out, catch fish and leave their fishery a better place than when they arrived and that’s exactly what happened during the Kayak Anglers 2016 Kokatat Labor Day Cleanup. Anglers competing for prizes were required to gather trash left behind by others before wetting their lines. The summer heat can be tough on fishing in the Northeast and drive lazy lake bass to deeper water but just in time for the holiday weekend, temperatures cooled and a good many of our anglers found success. Luckily, our area has an array of moving water options for kayak anglers too, and not surprisingly the smallmouth bass led the way in this 4-day event as our top 2 anglers had a full 5-fish limit of bronze bass.


Our winner, Billy Durboraw, took the win with an average of more than 19 inches and a big fish of 20.75”. Patrick Sprankle (pictured above) who came in second overall with an average fish of 18.75” tied Billy for Big Bass honor with a 20.75-incher of his own. To put this into perspective, a citation smallmouth bass in Pennsylvania is 19 inches so we’re talking about a tremendous weekend for any local angler. Danny Schanne was not far behind with 6 green bass averaging 18.25” – all solid fish! Billy’s winning bag is pictured below.


This event had no entry fee and all members of Kayak Anglers were welcome to join in. This proves to be a great way for new anglers to practice their Catch, Photo, Release method of kayak bass fishing and make a positive difference while doing it. As a group, we look to do this again next year because it is literally a win for all. A special thanks is due to Kokatat for making it all possible.


See you next year!

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