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Pictures by Patrick Barbier

Bruno Dolle has been waiting for 20 years to get the official permit license giving the right to paddle the famous Grand Canyon of Colorado. He invited me last year to share this experience with 14 other paddlers. Among them, we were an awesome crew of young gun paddlers from France : Mateo Champailler, Tom Dolle, Arthur Paulus and I. After an 8 days road trip to discover the crazy city of Las Vegas and some of the most beautiful natural parks of the US (Zion, Bryce, monument valley and Arch), we met the rest of the team at Flagstaff. Few hours later, we were ready to enter in the most mythical canyon of the world. A typical day there looked like this : breakfast, camp clean up, load the 3 rafts, flat water sections, big waves, macho moves, kick flips, surf sessions, unload the rafts, eat and sleep Emily from JK provided us 2 Traverse kayaks, the new crossover, perfect for expeditions like this one, super fast on the long flat water parts and easy to control on the rapids, 2 Zens, and 3 Rock Stars, the freestyle machine, so good to throw some sick kick flips ! 14 wonderful days on the coolest river I’ve ever run ! Thanks a ton to Bruno and JK kayak!

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