Three reasons to join us at the River Bassin’ Championship in Pennsylvania!

14361267_10153945396912379_4284677845367536312_oOk, maybe after looking at Jeff Little’s huge smallmouth from last year’s event you only need one reason! Ha! But seriously though, the sport, or past time (whichever you prefer), of river bassin’ has really taken off within the kayak fishing community over the past five to 10 years. On the River Bassin’ Tournament Trail we have seen the level of fishing improve year after year, and this year was truly incredible to watch anglers catch fish amidst some of the toughest conditions or last minute weather changes. One thing we hope doesn’t change is how incredible the fishing is on the Susquehenna River during the first weekend of October because the series wraps up it’s season there on October 1st, in Wrightsville, PA, at Shanks Mare Outfitters. So, why should you be excited about joining in on this event?

Reason 1: Although River Bassin’ is laid back, family friendly and casual, this particular event will additionally be lush with cash and prizes, many of which will be given out at random in our numerous fun categories. In total over $25,000 in cash and prizes will be given away! You don’t have to finish in the top three at this event to walk away a huge prize winner, you may just have to be present! Anyone can win in some of the categories that include – smallest bass, first bass, ugliest fish, random length, random time, best tournament day story and many more. We even have a division for the top lady, youth and college anglers to win in!

Reason 2: “No Egos, Just Fun.” That’s the way we like it, and that’s why it’s our official tournament trail slogan. One thing we hear over and over about our events is how inviting they are for beginners, all the way up to the most seasoned anglers. People have noted that the level of commoraderie at these events is unlike anything they have ever seen. Anglers can be found sharing tips, tactics and at times even locations with one another. Do you have to? Of course not, and it’s understandable if some people wouldn’t want to help their competition, or choose not to be as social. Afterall, it’s still a tournament in which anglers are trying to give it their all to win, but at the same time it’s not like you can play defense! All we ask is that people just don’t be jerks. Not a crazy request. We don’t think that’s too much to ask at an event that is ultimately a hobby and is supposed to be fun. So many people have not just made friends and fishing partners at the events, but have become good friends off of the water as well. This is the kind of community impact we always aim to incite between people.


Reason 3: This very well should be reason #1, actually – The Susquhenna River itself. Surely you’ve heard of it, and its world class smallmouth bass fishing. If not, allow me to enlighten you. At this exact weekend last year we held an event at this same location. The 6 winning smallmouth bass from the top team (Jeff Little & Jedediah Plunkert) was 124.75 inches! Yes, if you divide that up by 6 you can see that they were all over 20 inches with the largest being a 21.5 inch football and weighing nearly 7lbs! I just don’t know where else you can find that many smallmouth that are also that big. The Susquehenna River is worth the drive, from wherever you live, outside of an great event being held there. Since this year end celebration event is being held, and on one of the most prime weekends, it just makes sense to come and join in on the fun!


You might think that the championship will have an increased entry fee due to the increase in prize money and prizes, but we don’t! It is still just $50 for an individual to enter ($30 for youth) and $80 if you want to fish the team division ($160 total per team).

I can’t wait to see you at the event, where we’ll have some amazing fishing, fellowship and of course food! If you’re a fan of my Hooked on Wild Waters show or Jackson Kayak, then I really hope to meet you in person so I can thank you for being a supporter of what my wife and I do throughout the season. We really enjoy working hard so that everyone can enjoy God’s amazing creation through kayak fishing these incredible wild places!

For full details about the event and how to register just click this link –

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