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There are many waves and holes that I have surfed on the Ottawa River. Garburator, Right-side and Left-side Horseshoe, Push Button, Baby Face, and Right-side and Left-side Phil’s. All of these are fun, some are world famous, and all can be enjoyed by anyone who visits the Ottawa. But my favorite wave to surf is one that is a bit hidden and most people just paddle by.


Corner Wave is located on McCoy’s rapid. It is near the middle/bottom of the rapid in an eddy that is easy to catch. Corner wave is a diagonal wave. This means you have to stay to the surfers left or else you flush off the wave. Corner wave is not very tall, but it is steep. It is the smoothest wave I have ever surfed. It is hard to get on it, and harder to catch the eddy once you flush. Once you are surfing it, it feels amazing. It’s so smooth. It is the easiest wave that I have ever done a spin on. The spin goes so smoothly you can’t even feel the water beneath you.


On Thursday at Keeners, it is a tradition to do Big Water Beat Down Bacon on Thursday mornings. We eat bacon for breakfast, and then go to McCoy’s to get beat down in the holes. We run the river, and then In the afternoon, we get to play at McCoy’s chute. Usually, the majority of the people go to Baby Face, but a couple of people and I go to Corner Wave. One Thursday, we were surfing and decided to do a competition by ourselves on Corner Wave. The first competition we did was a regular ICF scoring competition. The second competition we did was every trick was worth 1 point to see who could do the most tricks on one ride. The last competition we did was how many spins one person could do on one ride. A bunch of people got 8-10 spins, but when I went, I won with 17 spins. When I got back into the eddy, I threw-up all over my spray skirt. I quickly rolled to clean it up.


One day when I was surfing Corner Wave, I saw what I thought was a person on a boogie board. When he got onto Corner Wave, he started throwing crazy tricks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was insane what this guy was doing. He throwing front flips on the boogie board and spinning around in midair. When I met the guy, his name was Tom Patterson. He said he was on a river board and he invented them. I thought it was sooo cool and he asked if I wanted to try it. I definitely wanted to give it a go. I tried jumping on the wave but it was really hard. Eventually though, I got it. And it was cool!! I tried going on my knees and bouncing, but it was hard and I was never able to throw the tricks he did. I kept wondering how could he do this? It was crazy. But he did it! One time, Tom and I decided to party surf. He was trying to do a side flip (kind of like an air screw, but with his head tucked forward) over me while I surfed. I thought he was crazy, but I agreed to try. We failed a couple of times, but finally he did it. It was incredible. One second he was on the left side of me… I ducked, and the next he was on the right side. I had a lot of fun surfing with Tom.


Once Keeners was over, I had one last morning on Corner Wave with Bren Orton, Kalob Grady, and my Dad. It was really fun and the light was perfect. It was really pretty how the light showed through the fog on the water. I thought it was really cool kayaking with some of the best kayakers in the world at 6:00 in the morning on my favorite wave on the Ottawa River.

Here is a video of my paddling friends and I at Corner Wave.

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