XI Freestyle Kayaking Polish Championship


Third time in a row Polish Championships took place in Krakow. There is very nice kayak slalom course where special for this event the organisers created freestyle feature. Unfortunately every year this playspot is working only for a couple weeks so we didn’t have much time to practice there. In this year hole was much stronger than the last time. In my opinion it’s good because it was easier to stay in the feature, but from the other side it was not easy to initiate the moves.


Me and Tomasz came to Kraków in the Monday afternoon. There we met with our friends and our kayak school students Monika and Krzysiek. We lived, paddled and prepared to competition together. During every next day to Krakow was coming more and more paddlers. Polish Championships was open for everyone so thanks to paddlers from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria it was international event.


At Friday our group was bigger thanks to Kasia and Tadek who came to compete too. In our RV it started to be a little bit crowdy, but also it was very funny. In the last weeks we were travelling mostly in two persons so it was great to have part of our best friends with us! 😀

Polish Championships in Freestyle Kayaking took place at Saturday. Besides of K1W, K1M and K1JM categories where competitors were fighting for Polish Champions titles there were also International categories which was including paddlers from the other countries. Additionaly there were competition for Old Bastards and for not professional paddlers like K1M and K1W amateur.


In prelims I had very bad first run which started from bad entry move and then I did everything wrong. Fortunately in the last second I did solid air loop and thanks that I had some points 😛 In second run I was more focused and I did pretty good run for more than 400 points. I made, Air Loop, both Space Godzillas and Mc Nasty. After prelims I was second behind Nina Csonkova from Slovakia. At third was Agata Sobieraj-Jakubiec and fourth was Christina Hochstrasser from Austria.


After men prelims first was Lucas Cervinka C1 paddler from Czech Republic, second was Bartosz Czauderna from Poland, third was Tomasz Czaplicki, fourth Peter Csonka from Slovakia and fifth Marcel Bloder from Austria.

The finals started in the afternoon. This time when the K1W final started I was focused from my first run and I started to make nice moves. I felt how powerful was hole in that time and sometimes it took me a long time to initiate moves correctly. Maybe water level changed a little bit or maybe I was tired. I didn’t improve my score from my second ride in prelims but I’ve got 393 points and I won 1st place. Second place took Nina Csonkova and third place went to Agata Sobieraj-Jakubiec.


Next was K1M final. In the first run Peter Csonka made very nice run and he got score of 1213 points. When speaker announced Peter’s score it was time for Tomasz Czaplicki first run. In the beginning something went wrong with Entry Mc Nasty, but after a couple seconds Tomasz cought his rythm and in overall he did very good run. He did a lot of linked and big moves. For this run Tomek got 1368,33 points and he won 1st place. Second was Bartosz who had 1280 points and third was Peter Csonka with 1213 points.


In the evening was prize giving ceremony and tombola. Next we went to the city center because we promised Kasia who is vegan to go there and try vegan burgers. It was nice to try different kind of food but our boys were confused a little bit 😛

In the next day we were competing in kayak cross. Kayakers starts together in 4 persons group and the best 2 goes to next level. On the race section we must tought 5 banners. The cool thing was that two first banners were on the other sides of kayak course in the same line. That mean everyone has choice which banner to touch first and of course it makes all race more complicated. This part of race course looks the most funny. There was a lot of kayak crashes and sometimes the fastest paddlers had big troubles there and loose a lot of time. In kayak croos Tomasz was 3rd in men and I was first in women category.

We spent really nice week in Krakow. We had there a lot of fun. Spent time with our friends, test our kayak skills in challenging hole. We are very happy with our Polish Champions titles and with wining in international categories.

Paddle a lot and have fun!

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