The Antix!

Let me get this out of the way. I am stoked for this boat! I have been getting a ton of questions recently about the Antix, so I decided it was time to give a brief update on the boat. I have been lucky enough to get to boat the Antix a good bit in a variety of river environments ranging from the Grand Canyon to the North Fork of the Feather. This is intended to be a brief outline of the boat and how the prototype has performed for me so far regarding surfing, down river, and stern squirting. I will have a detailed review on a broader range of its performance once I get my hands on a production boat. The Antix is hands down the easiest to front surf boat I have had the pleasure to paddle. Weather you are an experienced boater or getting your first front surf this boat will deliver on the fun factor. It was particularly great to carve all over the face of a wave with ample speed in reserve. In a low water setting in the sparks play park we were able to start getting it to orbit a bit as well, which was a total surprise. Paddling it down river is truly a pleasure.


It boofs on command and resurfaces in control off of a drop, just ask Ruth Gordon. The stern deck sheds water well, so I have yet to feel that it was inclined to backender in a big water setting while punching holes. The medium length of the Antix is a great balance between its ability to hold a line and to rapidly correct when things go sideways. It is very nimble edge to edge, so it does deliver a sporty ride but in a manageable easy to paddle package. This is particularly nice in a boulder garden style run where you are linking multiple moves with each other in rapid succession. Last but certainly not least this boat can stern squirt! For long time paddlers it feels great to have that slow smooth lifting of the bow again all the way up into controlled stern pirouettes. Folks that have learned to boat with modern short boats will just need to slow things down and let the water do the work for them opposed to forcing the stern down like you would in a fun or a rockstar. Once it is on end it is very stable and predictable for splats and all the rock play you can dream up. The production boat is not far away, so get out there and take it for a rip at your local dealer.

Later; Colin
Team JK

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